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46. Trying to Find our Lost Mojo

In the dark days of Covid, things got super quiet in the libido department for the two of us. You would think that being locked down with your best friend wouldn't be much of an issue but, we also had bored kids and next to zero privacy. Bing watching Netflix and going for long walks helped carry us through. And we set up and built this little blog to help remember all the good times.

Those of you living in the US have no idea quite how locked down we were here in the UK. Police showed up at our house the date of a party we had posted on Facebook before the lockdown, just checking of course. If you drove any distance, the traffic cameras you report you to the authorities. We spent months only outside for exercise in the yard (and it's cold here in the UK!)

With little to do, we wrote the blog, played board games with the increasingly irritable kids, and built up a home gym with items bought from Amazon. The home gym consisted of a stationary bike, rowing machine, a standing rower (borrowed from a local gym,) and a set of kettle bells. We hit the living room gym daily and started to diet a bit. Oh, and Alex didn't have any trips with his friends to the pub. We each lost just over a stone (14 pounds for you Yanks).

As lockdown drew to a lurching end, we stepped timidly back into the swinging water by hitting our local club, Jay Dee's. It was a riot of sound and colors after the dreary days of lockdown. We talked to strangers! We danced even when the dance floor was empty and the giant hot tub relaxed the winter blues right out of us. But we didn't play... even with each other. Something was off.

We didn't talk about the low libido issue much. It was a sort of a silent mutual consent and we knew when the time was right, we would talk about it. We later learned that the lack of libido issue was a common symptom of the post lockdown world. However, all our friends on the website seemed to be doing just fine and were happily humping each other to make up for lost time.

Then came a day when we ventured to the Liberty Elite club of channel 4 fame, presented our NHS app vaccine proof, and had our temperature taken. We slipped into the crowd of happy revlers enjoying the freedom of mutually consenting touch. The place was hopping! However, it was some sort of special greedy girl's night meaning there were tons of single guys which wasn't really our thing.

We did chat for a bit with a couple with whom we'd been friends forever on but, we didn't feel the spark to play and amicably went our separate ways. They headed to the hot tub and we grabbed a drink from the well-stocked bar; a scotch of some sort for Alex (as he was still staying off the beer) and I sipped a fever tree tonic. We inched through the crowd of single guys around the bar to the dance floor where we were pleasantly surprised by a string of dance tunes that kept us moving and sloshing our drinks.

We poked our heads out the back door, where the smokers were hanging out, just to get some fresh air. Then back in we went to catch the tail end of another song. I regretted the heels and my dress was cut high enough to show a lack of panties. With the lost weight, I didn't feel any worry about the dress riding up even higher. Holy cow! I was getting the ogling of a lifetime from the crowd of dudes.

"Should we hit the hot tub before we head out?" Alex could tell I was bored with the current set of songs.

"Well," I looked around at the pile of single guys, "depends on how crowded it is."

"Concur," Alex replied and took my hand.

We threaded the needle again through the crowd and to the double doors leading to the main play area. A quick glance showed giant room with low double beds around the walls and a grand mashup of six double beds put together in the middle of the room. The central play bed wasn't in use and a young couple were playing with the stocks built into the fourposter bed in the far corner. She had her head and hands captured in the metal framed stocks and her partner was pulling her dress up from behind on the bed.

Up a couple of steps on a raised dais was the hot tub. It looked to seat about 12 comfortably and was empty aside from an elderly gent leaning back contentedly with his eyes half shut. The coast was clear, so we ditched out clothes in the locker room, under the watchful eyes of a couple of single guys at the end of the hall, wrapped up in towels and boldly invaded the playroom.

The hot tub dais was partitioned off from the main open play area and we could only hear the quiet laughter of the couple in the far corner, the jets and bubbles of the hot tub, and the tuneless humming of the elderly gent across from us. The week's stress and hubbub drained away and Alex put a wet arm around me. I didn't even chide him for getting the back of my hair wet as the moment felt so right.

Time passed as the laughter and frivolity grew behind the partition. The playroom was filling up. I looked at Alex who I could tell was starting to get bored with relaxation (a failing of his), and suggested we move before we wrinkled up with too much hot tub soaking.

I could see Alex was eyeing an empty bed at the back of the room but was refraining from pushing anything. His delicacy with mine and his bruised libidos was charming and impulsively I took him by the hand and led him to the empty bed at the far back of the room. He blushed as I plopped down and patted the bed beside me.

We lay side by side, still wrapped in out damp towels and looked directly across to where the young couple had been playing with the stocks in the four-poster bed. The bed was now occupied by a portly blond lady and her happy balding partner. He stood at the end of the bed as she was clamped in the stocks. Alex was drawing some humor from how the man was standing on tip toes so his restrained partner could reach his manhood for a strained blowjob.

"That," Alex whispered, "doesn't look really fun."

"It isn't about the physical act," I nodded towards the stream of single guys making the circuit around the room's central play bed, "they like to be watched."

"I guess," Alex said quietly. "Look at the single guys circling the room. They are like a school of fish in an aquarium."

"Actually, they are the people at the aquarium and we on the beds are the fish! Watch this." I let the top of my towel slip down a bit exposing my left breast. I could see a rouse under Alex's towel almost immediately.

"Wow," Alex said, "look at the attention that got!" There were now three hopeful single guys loitering at the end of our bed wishing for an invite.

"And," I said as I pulled the towel back up, "off they go." Sure enough, the eddy in the swirl of single guys disappeared. Alex looked at my chest disappointed.

"Free the boobies!" Alex smiled at me and rubbed my bare leg. I obliged and Alex wormed closer, starting to kiss my super sensitive nipples. I felt a spark run down my spine and felt the inner tingle of arousal low in my belly! Could it be that my low libido was rousing from dormancy?

I closed my eyes to the goings on in the rest of the room and focused on enjoying Alex’s tongue play. When my eyes drifted open again, the bed next to us was occupied by a middle aged, fit, and handsome man and his younger partner who looked to have an Asian cast to her features. Her tan was complete and her short black-haired bob was pulled back into a ponytail. They were both nude and were doing much the same as Alex and me except that the man was waving over a tall black gentleman who approached eagerly!

Alex worked his hands up under my towel and started gently stroking all the right places. He increased the pressure slightly and lowered the rhythm of his hand motion and the spark in my belly jumped and grew to a glowing campfire. I writhed my hips against Alex's touch and watched the tall, athletic black man kneel at the side of the next bed. His shaved bald head dipped between the parted tanned legs of the young lady. Her husband sat further across the bed and she was half turned towards him sucking him in roughly the same tempo as the shiny bald head bobbing between her thighs.

My eyes scrunched shut again as Alex dipped in a pair of fingers and used his palm to press and rub my clit. The fire grew brighter and I felt a torrent of tingles before the spasms started. I wrapped my arms around Alex's head as he nibbled on my right nipple and pressed him tightly to me. His pace remained constant through my orgasm and then slowed to a gentle grind as the waves of pleasure slowed. His lips moved to my neck and then turned into a passionate kiss when I turned my head towards him.

The central bed now had four couples and maybe six single guys each playing in clumps of pleasure. The couple and guy next to us were now all on their bed and were into a full spit-roast with the handsome black man holding tightly to the lady's hips as he worked a seriously long piece of man meat into her. The black man was being gentle with his strokes and was thoughtful enough to reach an arm around her waist and under her to work her clit. I watched her orgasm build while Alex continued to lightly play with my erogenous zones.

I'm not into porn and really don't completely understand Alex's enjoyment of the visual stimulation at a club but, the sounds of the tanned lady next to us moaning in pleasure tripped something and I felt the tingle start to grow again. I pushed Alex and he lifted off me and stopped his kissing around my neck and ears. He watched as I pulled off his towel exposing his hardness to the crowd. I took him in my mouth and worked him to a frenzy, only stopping when he urgently pulled away. My jaw ached from the effort!

The couple next to us were drinking bottled water with the handsome black man and watching me! I felt a blush rise to my cheeks as I also noticed a couple of young men watching from the foot of the bed.

"Nice form," one of the guys at the end of the bed said casually. I could tell he was hoping for an invite but I looked away quickly and the pair of dudes moved on.

"I have to agree," Alex said with a smile, "that felt great!" His hands moved to my towel and I didn't resist as he pulled it off and we moved into a full body hug across the bed. In missionary, Alex pushed into me and I pushed up to meet him. We kissed and I forgot everything around me as we moved together. All the swinging and play was fun but, after all, Alex knew me better than anyone he worked me to another orgasm. I loved a good club orgasm where you could let go and scream if you wanted unlike home or a hotel.

I didn't remember screaming but must have done so. As my eyes opened from the orgasm, I could see several heads turned our way on the big bed. The couple beside us had a new single guy on their bed and the handsome black man was gone. The new man was quite young, maybe in his early twenties, slight and had a hipster beard that just looked silly on a naked man. They were in missionary position and the tanned lady's partner sat on the bed watching and taking occasional sips of water.

Alex rolled me over and turned me, urging me up to hands and knees facing the end of the bed. I felt Alex's hands grip my waist as he started to pound me in doggy. Right in front of me were a cluster of single guys in towels grinning at the show. I ducked my head to the bed and concentrated on the sensations. Alex held me tightly to him and ground his hips against me in a circular motion while clinching to make his thick penis head throb in my depths.

We came together as we most often do. This time it was Alex yelling a war cry before slumping over my back. I moaned and collapsed with Alex directly on top of me. Alex rolled off and we snuggled a bit amidst the laughter and moans around us. We gathered our towels and hit the showers before heading home in a companionable silence. I drowsed in the car and Alex turned the music down to avoid waking me.

We hadn't quite gotten back to swinging but, we had still spent a memorable night of kinky fun. Our mojo was still way off but, we were on the path to recovery! And, things were about to heat up!

Liberty Elite's is one of the classiest clubs around! We highly recommend it to all our friends! (

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